Faribault County Soil Health Team

Who is the Faribault County Soil Health Team?

Formed in 2016, the Soil Health Team is a landowner driven/SWCD coordinated and created group.  The small network of local farmers has members geographically located throughout the county as well as representation from all aspects of farming.  Soil Health Team members not only implement soil health practices on their own land, they conduct soil health outreach in their communities by hosting field days, demonstration sites, speaking at conferences and meetings, giving interviews, and planning workshops.  Each year team members create a soil health plan, setting goals for educational events, funding opportunities, and project implementation.  Through this collaboration, they are able to amplify their voices and play a key role in driving a countywide movement to improve soil health.

Soil health team 2 Mission

To increase awareness of soil health and benefits of reduced tillage, cover crops, and diverse crop rotations.

L to R Jeff Bell, Andy Linder, Joel Rauenhorst, Joe Mutschler, Neal Mensing, Dean Schimek, Bil Schrader.
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Why is the team important?

The goal of soil management is to protect soil and enhance its performance, making it sustainable for future generations.  Soil is the basis of farming here in Faribault County and is the key component to ensuring your farms profitability and preserving environmental quality for decades to come. 

What value does the team provide?

Team members are an excellent local resource as they have several years experience implementing soil health practices on their own farms.  Team events are a place for landowners to exchange best management practices, tell success stories, discuss setbacks, and learn how to make improvements in their own operation.  Landowners get to hear directly from other landowners on how they’re using soil health management systems to make their farms more profitable, productive, and sustainable.



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