The Faribault County Zoning Ordinance divides the county into zoning district for the purpose of regulating structures and use of the land.  The purpose of defining these districts was to minimize conflict between incompatible uses and to provide for orderly development.  Each district includes a definition of how the land may be used, such as lot area, size of buildings, and
setbacks.  By defining the regulations and uses within each district, the county hopes to encourage the most appropriate use of the land while respecting economic and environmental values, and recognizing rights of property owners and land use patterns.

While each district allows for a specific number of permitted uses, there are additional uses, called conditional uses, which may be allowed subject to a public hearing process.  For more information on conditional uses or variances, or to obtain a copy of the application form, contact the Planning and Zoning Office.

Contact Planning and Zoning at (507) 526-2388 for further information on Zoning or click on the following links:


Section 1 Purpose  
Section 2 Title  
Section 3 Jurisdiction, Scope & Interpretation  
Section 4 Rules and Definitions  
Section 5 Classification Districts  
Section 6 A-1 Shoreland Agriculture District  
Section 7 A-2 General Agriculture District  
Section 8 R-1 Rural Residence District  
Section 9 R-2 Shoreland Residential District  
Section 10 R-3 Manufactured Home Park District  
Section 11 B-1 Highway Service Business District  Amended 8/2/2004
Section 12 B-2 General Business District  
Section 13 I-1 Light Industry District  
Section 14 I-2 Heavy Industry District  
Section 15 General Regulations  
   Parking and Loading Regulations  
   Sign Regulations  
   Extraction of Minerals, Open Pits, Impounding Water  
   Performance Standards  
   Additional Requirements, Exceptions, Modifications  
   Permits, Information Filing for Essential Services  
Section 16 Conditional Use Permits Amended 12/18/2012 
Section 17 Non-Conforming Uses  
   Non-Conforming Signs  
   Non-Conforming Junk Yards  
   Alterations, Moving  
   Residential Alterations  
   Normal Maintenance  
   Special Provisions  
   Construction on Non-Conforming Lots or Record  
Section 18 Building Permits  
Section 19 Junk Yards Conditional Use  
Section 20 Shoreland Regulations  
Section 21 Tower Facilities Ordinance  Adopted 3/1/2005
Section 22 Feedlot Ordinance  Amended 12/1/2004
Section 23 Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Ordinance  Amended 6/17/2014
Section 24 911 Rural Signing Ordinance  Adopted 10/19/2004
Section 25 Administration and Enforcement  
Section 26 Planning Commission  Amended 12/18/2012
Section 27 Board of Adjustment  Amended 12/18/2012
Section 28 Variances  Amended 12/18/2012
Section 29 Amendment  
Section 30 Violations, Penalties and Enforcement  
Section 31 Validity  
Section 32 Repeal  
Section 33 Date of Effect  
Section 34 Other Ordinances  
   Solid Waste Ordinance  
   Floodplain Ordinance  
   Floodplain Management  
   Huntley Sewer Service District Ordinance  Adopted 12/2007
   Subdivision Ordinance  
   Airport Ordinance  Adopted 3/10/2011
Section 35 Wind Energy Conversion Systems  Adopted 8/19/2010
Section 36 Adult Use Ordinance  Adopted 7/17/2012
Section 37 Pipeline Ordinance  Adopted 3/5/2013

OFFICIAL ZONING MAPS - includes 20 township maps and unincorporated areas



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